Giro Application Form Request

How Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) works

You can pay your Town Council Service and Conservancy Charges, including the related Goods and Services Tax and penalty fee, where applicable, through Inter-Bank GIRO if you maintain a savings / current account with any of the IBG participating banks. With IBG, you free yourself from queues, writing and posting cheques, penalty payment and most importantly - the embarrassment of forgetting to pay your bills. No administrative charge and other hassle. So apply now and stay ahead.

All you have to do

  1. Fill in the Inter-Bank GIRO Form. This form will instruct your bank to make automatic deductions from your savings/current account to settle your Town Council's monthly charges.
  2. Fold and mail the completed form.
  3. Maintain sufficient funds in your savings/current account to cover the full payment.

General information

  1. You will be informed of the commencement date for the deduction once your bank has approved the application.
    Meanwhile, please pay your monthly charges by cheque or personally at the Town Council Office.
  2. Please inform your Town Council and your bank if you wish to terminate or change your IBG service.
  3. Any queries regarding the charges deducted should be directed to East Coast-Fengshan Town Council at Tel:64449549 Fax: 64440775.