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Use of Common Areas

Use of Facilities -Void Decks /Open Spaces

You can make an application for the use of facilities and utilities in East Coast Town Council 6 months prior to the event date.

Due to COVID-19 situation, please visit Gov.sg for more information prior in making any booking at our common area.

Please call us at 6444 9549 during office hours (Mondays to Fridays – 8am to 5pm) to check on the availability of the common spaces and booking procedures. Alternatively, you may send us your enquiry through our online form.

1Void deckReligious ceremony, 7th Month Prayers$ 50.00$ 200.00Supporting letter from Advisor-to-GROs.
Funeral Rites / Kong Teck
Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday (with Religious Talks)Waived (if 3 hrs)$ 200.00Supporting letter from MUIS and Advisor-to-GROs.
Otherwise, charges would be at $ 50.00$ 200.00
Congregational Prayer for Ramadhan NightsWaived$ 200.00Supporting letter from MUIS.
Hari Raya Puasa / Haji Congregational Prayers
Social Gatherings, Wedding Receptions, Engagement, etc.$ 50.00$ 200.00
Funeral WakesWaived$ 200Death Certificate
2Open SpaceReligious ceremony, 7th Month Prayers$ 50.00$ 500.00Supporting letter from Advisor-to-GROs.
Funeral Rites / Kong Teck$ 50.00$ 200.00
Funeral WakesWaived$ 200.00Death Certificate
Social Gatherings, Wedding, Engagement, etc$ 50.00$ 200.00
3LinkBuilding / Pavilions / Amphitheatres (Except for Amphitheatre at Block 15 Bedok South Road)Social Gatherings, Wedding, Engagement, etc$ 50.00$ 200.00Not approved for Religious Ceremony, Funeral Wakes and Rites, unless otherwise stated.
4Amphitheatre at Block 15 Bedok South RoadSocial Gatherings, Wedding, Engagement, etc$ 600.00$ 1000.00Not approved for Religious Ceremony Funeral Wakes and Rites.

For Use of Common Spaces and Facilities, HDB residents have to apply for the relevant permits from the Town Council.

The applicant must be a resident of the block and proof of residency or immediate relationship and supporting documentation must be furnished to the satisfaction of the Town Council.

Additional requirements may be charged separately at the discretion of the Town Council, as advice upon booking.

No excessive noise is to be created which will be a source of nuisance or annoyance to the residents. All activity must cease by 10.30 pm.

Please click here to view our full terms and conditions.

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