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Service and Conservancy Charges


RESIDENTIAL (Inclusive of 8% GST)
Type of Flats Service and Conservancy Charges MND Rebates for YR 2022/2023 (Number of Months) Based on Eligibility
Normal S&CC Reduced S&CC Penalty Fee for late payments April
January 2023
1 – room $56.50 $20.50 $1  1month  1month  1month ½ month
2 – room $58.50 $30.50 $2 1month 1month 1month ½ month
3 – room $64.50 $46.50 $3 1month ½ month ½ month ½ month
4 – room $73.50 $64.00 $4 1month ½ month ½ month ½ month
5 – room $80.50 NA $5 ½ month ½ month ½ month ½ month
Executive/Multi-Gen $103.50 NA $6 ½ month ½ month ½ month NA
4 – room (DBSS) $85.50 $76.00 $4 1month ½ month ½ month ½ month
5 – room (DBSS) $104.50 NA $5 ½ month ½ month ½ month ½ month
Commercial (Inclusive of 8% GST)
Type of Shops S&CC Penalty fee for late payments
Service and Conservancy Charges
Shop with living accommodation $2.30 per sq. metre $ 10.00
In addition to
(a) 1 – room flat $21.94
(b) 2 – room flat $32.64
(c) 3 – room flat $49.76
(d) 4 – room flat $68.48
Shop without living accommodation, kiosk or shoplet $2.30 per sq. metre, subject to a minimum of $74.50
Market / Hawker (Inclusive of 8% GST)
Type of Stalls S&CC Penalty fee for late payments
Service and Conservancy Charges
Cooked food stall ≤ 10sqm $195.00 $ 5.00
Cooked food stall (>10sqm) $352.00
Fruit, preserved and dried goods, fresh fish and seafood, meat or poultry stall $95.50
Vegetable, bean curd and noodle, egg, ground assorted spices or miscellaneous stall $60.50
Piece and Sundry $112.00

* Normal rate applies to a flat:

– Where none of the owners or tenants and none of the authorised occupiers of the flat are citizens of Singapore;
– Where any owner or tenant or authorised occupier has an interest in any private residential property, or in any industrial or commercial property, whether or not owned by or vested in HDB;
– Which is owned by or let to any body corporate; or
– Which is vacant.
– All S&CC are inclusive of GST. If you are paying by GIRO or through your credit card under the Recurring Credit Card Scheme, the revised amount will be deducted automatically from your bank account or charged to your designated credit card.

Payment Modes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Rebates

To help households with their general household expenses, the Government will provide S&CC rebates in 2020/2021. About 940,000 households will benefit.

1. I live in an HDB flat. Will my household be eligible for the S&CC rebates?
To be eligible for the S&CC rebates, a household has to fulfil all the criteria below:

a) There is at least one Singapore citizen lessee or essential occupier in the flat;
b) The lessee(s) and essential occupier(s) do not own or have any interest in a private property; and
c) The lessee(s) have not sublet the whole flat.

2. How many months of waiver of S&CC will I get for 2020/2021, and in which months will I get my S&CC?

Please refer to the table above.

3. Is there any action required on my part if I have already arranged to pay my S&CC through IBG?

If you are paying for your S&CC through IBG, no action is required on your part. The Town Council will arrange with your bank on the amount of S&CC that your household will have to pay to the Town Council, after taking the S&CC rebates into account.

1 Source: Measures For Households, Budget 2020 Singapore.

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