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eWaste Recycling

November 1, 2019

Go Green with Us this November!

Together with the various Residents’ Committee (RC) and Residents’ Network (RN), we will be having an Electronic Waste recycling collection drive on:

9 – 10 November 2019

Do you know – Electronic waste contains toxic substances. Yet, less than 20% of the about 50 million tonnes generate each year are recycled. Improper disposal of e-waste will also lead to atmospheric and water pollution, as well as many health problems.

Let us do our part and make recycling a way of life!

Recycle your eWaste* by simply dropping them off at the RC/RN centres during the collection day and hours.


*Terms and conditions
– Only hand-held devices are accepted
– Bulky electronic items such as refrigerators, CRV TV are not accepted. Alternatively you may wish to arrange for Town Council’s bulky removal service.
– Please ensure that all information (including personal data) is removed to avoid any theft, fraud or misuse

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